After we were done building Electrical Audio, I made myself useful by jumping at whatever service work could be done.  Over the last 25 years, with help from mentors, I developed my skills into a being a decent repair tech/studio equipment designer.  
On occasion I am willing to do specific projects ranging from large studio design and installations (console, patchbay, outboard, panels, wiring, etc.) to analog outboard, console, tape machine, and microphone repairs.  I also design and build new problem solving gadgets as time allows.  Electrical, and many other studios, are littered with random equipment I've built for them.

Equipment I have lots of experience with...


EMI TG12345 MK2-4 (installed twice, recapped, dozens of repairs, still in charge of upkeep)
Neotek Series I, II, II, Elite, Elan (whatever you can think of)
API (pre legacy consoles and 500 modules, various modification corrections, and repairs)
Neve -most '70s types (installations, repairs, recaps, routing modifications)
Helios, 69 series, and another poop-brown one from the mid '70s (repairs, modifications, schematic corrections) 
MCI/Sony 500, 600, MXP3000 series (installations, repairs, upgrades, modifications...)
Sphere Eclipse C mainly  (installs repairs, audio fader mod to replace VCA system)

Tape Machines:

Studer, A80RC, A810, A81X, A820 (2-tk and MCH), A827
Ampex ATR 100s 
MCI Jh24
To a varying extent, I've worked on most of the other tape machines, but other than the later Otari MTRs, they are usually so far gone I just end up delivering bad news.  


Most vintage makes and models including Neumann, Gefell, Telefunken, AKG, Sony, Altec, Schoeps, and Lomo.  I'll generally do everything up to the capsule.  This includes building new power supplies, and cable assemblies for the tube mics.

Most things made before the 1990s

Here's some videos I did at Electrical Audio on how to calibrate our tape machines.

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